This is a counter of the amount of timeouts and bans each of the moderators of Tom's channel have given in total, starting on 1/3/11.[1]EditEdit

Tom: 5 T/Os; 1 Bans

Baiten: 0 T/Os; 0 Bans

BunnyWithATommyGun: 0 T/Os; 0 Bans

Epicsause33: 0 T/Os; 0 Bans

Goonu: 0 T/Os; 0 Bans

OnyxBlade: 4 T/Os; 0 Bans

Shadowsavior: 0 T/Os; 0 Bans

ShortStack5683: 0 T/Os; 69 Bans

TairyHesticle: 13 T/Os; 0 Bans

Zara_kiki: 1 T/Os; 0 Ban

Leonx8: ?T/Os; All of the bots ever Bans

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